Alistair Begg on the Manhattan Declaration

Begg concludes an excellent post on why he didn’t sign the Manhattan declaration like this:

In accord with others who have chosen not to sign, my reservation is not with the issues themselves, or in standing with others who share the same concerns, but it is in signing a declaration along with a group of leading churchmen, [...]

Addendum to my last post (on the Manhattan Declaration)

I just read Al Mohler’s explanation of why he signed the MD. (For the record, Mohler is on my top-ten list of modern day Christian heroes.  I profoundly respect him and my disagreement with him on this issue doesn’t change my opinion of him at all.)  Toward the end of his post Mohler has this to [...]

Why I wouldn’t sign it (as if it matters)

I read the Manhattan Declaration today for the first time.  I hadn’t read anything about it to this point, positive or negative, so I didn’t have a strong opinion or inclination about it either way.  However, before I read it I did notice that some men whom I highly respect (like Ligon Duncan and Al Mohler) [...]