Aquaponics System

The four blue containers (growbeds) hold the gravel in which the vegetables and fruit are grown. The black tank on the left is the fish tank, and the red tank underneath is the sump tank where the water is drained off of the fish tank and growbeds and then pumped back up into the system. We plan to add several more growbeds in the near future.

We’ve recently been constructing an aquaponics system as a family and ministry project. Aquaponics is a food production system that combines raising fish alongside of fruit and vegetables in an environment that allows the fish and plants to mutually benefit from each other. The plants are grown in gravel, and the fish waste provides them with the needed nutrients. The plants, in turn, clean and oxygenate the water for the fish.  

Besides providing food for our family, we hope to be able to introduce this system to missionaries and pastors in remote villages. For more photos and information, click here.

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