Exciting Changes in Our Ministry (Part 2)

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New Mission Organization

The last few months as we considered our change in ministry focus, we have sensed the need to be part of a mission organization with experience and expertise in this kind of ministry. Because the focus of To Every Tribe is on pioneer church planting rather than leadership training, we have decided to transition from To Every Tribe to a partner organization, Reaching & Teaching International Ministries. Reaching & Teaching (R&T) is an international training ministry dedicated to training indigenous pastors throughout Latin America.
Our family’s relationship with R&T goes back several years. We became familiar with R&T during our time at To Every Tribe’s Center for Pioneer Church Planting (CPCP). Dr. David Sills, R&T’s founder and president, is a regular guest instructor at the CPCP, and we were privileged to get to know him during his visits to our campus. R&T and To Every Tribe work closely together, and given their respective focuses on church planting and pastoral training, are uniquely postured to work side by side with high effectiveness toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission. And given our particular ministry calling, R&T is a better fit for our family. This step, of course, has not been an easy one, but has been taken after months of prayer, counsel, and consideration. We are thankful that To Every Tribe has given us their blessing in this transition, and we’re amazed at how clearly God has directed our path.

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A Word of Thankfulness to To Every Tribe

It would be hard to overstate the benefits that we’ve reaped from serving with To Every Tribe the past 5½ years. So much of our passion for missions and our understanding of how missions should best be pursued has been enormously shaped and formed by To Every Tribe. There’s simply no way that we would have been prepared to do what God has set before us if we hadn’t spent the past years within this ministry. God has used To Every Tribe to grow us and shape us in so many ways.

But just as important to us as these ministry benefits has been the blessing of rich personal relationships within To Every Tribe. By allowing us to continue in close relationship with our dear friends in To Every Tribe while at the same time leading us to partner with an organization that more closely aligns with our particular ministry calling, God has given us the best of both worlds, as it were, and for this we’re very grateful.

Our transition to Reaching & Teaching will take place over the next couple of months. Please pray for us as we make this transition. Soli Deo Gloria!


4 comments to Exciting Changes in Our Ministry (Part 2)

  • Hola Hnos queridos!
    Entendí poco en el blog (please write more for your Latino Followers), pero sea cual sea el cambio
    seguiran en nuestras oraciones. Nosotros estamos orando
    por una via donde podamos destinar las ganancias a misioneros, y siempre pensamos
    en Ustedes.

    Saludos a todos.

    Los Baez Atanacio.
    (Toño y Sara).

  • Mike Goldfuss

    Praise the Lord for how He is leading you, AJ. To Him be the glory. I miss you and hope to see you some day again. I remember very fondly that conference with you and Matt Bixby in the DF. That conference was a blessing, but even more, getting to meet you two was an even greater blessing.

  • AJ

    Ditto, Mike! Thanks, brother.

  • Fernando Lara

    Hi brother Gibson. I’m Fernando Lara.

    You basically don’t know me but know my wife (Beatriz Salazar whom you met as your and your wife’s student in UCLA). I also heard you preach once in Genezareth Baptist Church.

    I praise our God for this new challenge the Lord sets before you and your family. I had the privilege of knowing Dr. Sills in an intensive Missionary Cultural Anthropology at Mexican Baptist Theological Seminary in Mexico City. I remain quite impressed for the life and ministry of Dr. Sills

    You and him have many things in common (deep knowledge of the Word of God, passion for the Lord, the Gospel and the nations) and I’m thrilled to see what God is going to do trough you and your family now with R&T.

    Hopefully, as the Lord allows, I’ll be able to join you “full-time” =)

    Meanwhile, you can count on Betty’s and my prayers (we already pray for you and your family.

    By the way, you may like to know: Betty and I have a sweet 11 months old baby gril (Jade Noemí).

    Blessings!!! (sorry for the long comment :S)


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