A few prayer requests

We just wanted to share a few prayer requests for the upcoming weeks.

  1. This past week our kids began their new school year. Please pray for Katelyn as she’s attending first grade at Oaxaca Christian School. The long school day is a little bit of an adjustment for her. Ruth is homeschooling Jonathan and Christian. Please pray for grace, strength, and wisdom for us and the boys.
  2. This week we’re starting up again with our church leader training program. I’ll have two groups of men—one on Monday and another on Thursday. Please pray for the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit as we study God’s Word together. Please pray Fernando, David, Eugenio, Faustino, Sadot, Gabriel, Roberto, and Omar.
  3. On Friday mornings I’ve been meeting with a local pastor and a couple of missionary friends to work through the book, Trellis and the Vine (in Spanish), and to discuss church and pastoral ministry. It’s been an encouraging time of sharpening one another in our respective ministries. Thank you for your prayers for this study.
  4. Please pray for a Bible study and prayer meeting that we have at our home on Tuesday evenings with a couple of families from our church. We’re currently studying the book of Colossians.
  5. The next couple of months Ruth and I will be teaching the “jovenes” (youth—teens and twenties) from our church on Friday nights. Our studies will focus on discipleship and following Jesus. Our prayer is that these studies, along with our personal interaction with them, would deeply challenge them and impact their lives.
  6. Also, this semester I’m teaching a high school Bible class at Oaxaca Christian School, the school that Katelyn attends. Because the school is a missionary parent co-op, parents are asked to help out in the school in different ways. I’d appreciate your prayers as I teach Old Testament to a group of great 9th and 10th graders.

Thank you so much for your prayers for our family. We are greatly dependent upon your fervent, regular intercession on our behalf.  If you’re not quite sure how to pray for us beyond the prayer requests we send you, here’s some advice from our friend, Tommi Sitton (from Reckless Abandon, by David Sitton, pp. 64-65):

When people ask me how to pray for missionaries, I tell them they need to be remembered daily, because these kinds of stresses are everyday realities. Pray for the big things: that the gospel will advance through their efforts; that they will be sustained through loneliness; that the Lord will provide financial partnerships; and that He will protect them from illness and those who would do them harm. But also remember to pray for the everyday things: transportation to the market, strength to do tasks such as washing clothes and making meals, finding correct boundaries in relation to possessions and privacy, and enduring the stress of long periods of separation. Pray for the Lord to sustain their relationship with Him and with one another. And, particularly, pray for their children.

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