They follow the Lamb wherever he goes…

“It is these who follow the Lamb wherever he goes.”  (Revelation 14:4)

I can’t imagine a more beautiful and descriptive epithet for a disciple.  The image is captivating: pure, unstained believers, redeemed by the Lamb who humbly follow him wherever he goes. People don’t normally follow lambs; lambs don’t lead. And yet the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world has a multitude of loyal followers. There are a number of ways to describe a disciple, but perhaps the simplest is this: a disciple is someone who follows the Lamb wherever he goes. 

Would you pray for us? Pray that we would be this kind of disciple: humble, loyal followers of the Lamb. Pray that we would be ever looking to him, listening to his voice, following his cues, and obeying his commands. Pray that we would learn to trust him more, resting in his promises and abiding in his love. Pray that we will know him—really know him. Pray that we would joyfully experience the power of his resurrection and humbly, willingly embrace the fellowship of his sufferings (Phil.3:10). Pray that, like him, we would not love our lives even unto death (Rev. 12:11). Pray for our children as well—that they too would follow him in this way. And pray that God would use our lives, our testimony, and our ministry to point others to the Lamb.

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