They follow the Lamb wherever he goes…

“It is these who follow the Lamb wherever he goes.”  (Revelation 14:4)

I can’t imagine a more beautiful and descriptive epithet for a disciple.  The image is captivating: pure, unstained believers, redeemed by the Lamb who humbly follow him wherever he goes. People don’t normally follow lambs; lambs don’t lead. And yet the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world has a multitude of loyal followers. There are a number of ways to describe a disciple, but perhaps the simplest is this: a disciple is someone who follows the Lamb wherever he goes. 

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Missionaries, Hardship, Spiritual Attack, and Grace

As missionaries with To Every Tribe we live in an amazing community of families and individuals who have this in common: reckless abandon to the cause of taking the name of Jesus to the nations for the glory of God.  That commitment comes with a high price tag.  The following is an email that I sent out today to the To Every Tribe and Center for Pioneer Church Planting family, reflecting on what we face as frontline missionaries and how we respond to it. I share it with you for your edification and to encourage you to pray for us.



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